Orixa Workshop!

Orixa Movement Workshop with Donna Mation director of Axé Didé
About this workshop:
In this workshop we will be learning dance movements of several Orixa accompanied by rhythms coming from the Candomble tradition. The Orixa represent different forces of nature. These movements tell stories, challenge our bodies to embody different archetypes, as well as give us opportunities to express in new ways that may either feel familiar or like learning a new language. The rhythms that accompany these dances converse with the movements, a conversation is created, something I find beautiful, peaceful, and exciting. We are lucky enough to have drummers who have studied the relationship between the dance and the rhythm to help elevate this experience.

Saturdays 11-12:30pm at FICA 707 NE Broadway Suite 203
March 2nd - March 23rd
$57 for all 4 classes if paying on Paypal. $55 if paying with cash or check.