Center Space at FICA 707 NE Broadway Room 203

Pricing is different for each instructor, please read the full description of each class you are interested in taking.

Afro-Cuban Dance: - with Donna Oefinger - This class is similar to the Afro-Brazilian class in its exploration of Orisha Movements. Cuban Folkloric dance is intricately woven together with the music of interlocking drum rhythms. These unique movements will challenge the language of your body and its rhythmic skills. $15. Drop in or To see Donna's Most Recent series/pricing and schedule, go to
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Samba: - with Donna Oefinger - Come enjoy the celebratory carnival dance from both the regions of Rio de Janeiro and Salvador. Kick the weekend off by liberating the body to move in your own way that's both sophisticated and sensual. Guaranteed to give you a workout and a lighter day. $13. Drop or To see Donna's Most Recent series/pricing and schedule, go to
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Hustle: This is a partner dance done to an awesome array of diverse music including disco, house, soul, and R&B. Hustle is non-gender specific as to who leads and who follows. This is not only accepted in the classroom but is a part of the scene in it’s birthplace NYC. Lead and follow, that’s it not always male female, people just want to communicate with their dance.
This will be a beginning class. All levels are welcome, but we will start from scratch.
Hustle is super fun, and has a huge open door for creativity.

House Dance has its roots in many Latin, African, and American street styles dance such as salsa, rumba, samba, tap, hip hop, and West African. It emphasizes feeling, fast and complex footwork combined with fluid movements in the torso. This is a great class for anyone who wants to diversify their footwork, improve body mechanics, groove, and endurance.